Friday, August 3, 2007

The Slum of Legs

This sculptural, iconic table was designed in 1956 by Finnish American architect Eero Saarinen.

Explains Saarinen of his classic 20th century design: "The underside of typical chairs and tables makes a confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs."

Though Saarinen designed matching pedistal chairs to go with this table, I prefer the eclectic combination of a more traditional four-legger, like the Klismos style shown here.

(Photo by Paul Costello for Domino Magazine).

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know tables could be so classy. I always thought a table is a table. I don't think anymore after seeing this artistic 1950's table. A table can be a form of art.

-Zane of ontario honey