Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rachel Zoe, Working Waif

Ever since Jane Magazine went belly-up, I have been receiving Glamour Magazine in it's place. While it is not quite the same thing (less snark, more articles about loving your extra 20 pounds, etc.), I am actually enjoying this unsolicited, unpretentious magazine. The paper quality is also much higher than that of Jane, which I suspect had something to do with lagging subscription sales.

Anyway, this month's Glamour shows us the "real" work spaces of high-powered women, one of which is the Beverly Hills home office of our favorite Bravo stylist, Rachel Zoe.

Click on photo to enlarge.

The stack of purses in the bottom right corner are the Medusa Bag, a collaboration between Zoe and Judith Leiber.

For a more detailed look into her workday, check out the New York Times article, Being Rachel Zoe. Zoe also has a new book out this month, Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour.

(Top photo by Andrew Durham).


Anonymous said...

Interesting. She is something!

Style Court said...

Well first, as always, I love your writing and insight.

But re the interior, hmm...I guess in a way it does seem like a "real" work space because there is stuff everywhere. The lamp is lovely. And the Depp portrait is kind of cool. Do you think her office was styled that way for that "sneak peek at her handbags" feel, or do you think the corner really just looks like that everyday?

Brilliant Asylum said...

Reading the NY Times article I realize what a cocky little anorexic she is. But anyone that can command $6000 a day, per client, doing what they love to do, gets my respect.

Thanks Style Court. This space almost seems to boring to have been properly styled, but I always think it is fun to see a few personal items strewn around--artfully or not. I did think it was strange that they left the handbags there, but did not mention them. I guess a Birkin will steal the show everytime!

Sarah said...

heh...I knew who she was before, but I don't read tabloids or anything, so I'd never actually seen her until she guest-edited on when it launched. They did some major touch ups on that photo--I thought she was, like, 30. Then I saw a real picture of her...when people get that leathery, why do they keep tanning? I don't get it.

katiedid said...

I noticed there is no picture of her on her new book, though it did receive 4.5 out of 5 stars. Hmmm.

ALL THE BEST said...

That does seem stange not to mention her handbags.

She is not one of my favorite people, but I certainly have to give her credit for marketing herself. Three Birkin bags, $6,000 a day per client...doing VERY well indeed!

diana murphy said...

Just had to comment on your use of the term "leather-faced" five inches (or so) above the image of the deeply textured handbag. Made me chuckle.

Brilliant Asylum said...

That was a totally subconscious move Dianamuse. Amazing how the mind works.

And yes ATB, Zoe deserves credit where credit is due. Before she came along, "stars" were wearing sweatpants to Starbucks.

Pigtown*Design said...

Two comments:
*What kind of word is Polarioded?
*Bet her hubby loves that she's got her crackberry in bed.

cotedetexas said...

totally off zoe topic but have you noticed that Southern Accents changed their paper too? I hate the new paper, so thin. It's not quite as bad as Southern Living, but very very close.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Yes. I meant to write Southern Accents hate mail about that. WTF? If they have some sort of "green" excuse, then I won't be as mad, but I am missing the high gloss.

Anonymous said...

I love how Rachael carries herself. She carries herself with pride.

-Zane of ontario honey