Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of my favorite things about Barcelona is that every era of architecture and design is celebrated. You can visit the carefully preserved ancient city dating from 600 A.D. in the morning, a Gothic palace at noon, an early 20th century Gaudi masterpiece late in the day, and then retreat to a post-modern hotel for the evening.

Here are some images of the Hotel Omm, winner of multiple design awards and a prime example of how Barcelona's architecture continues to flourish beyond the ages.

The Omm Lobby doubles as swingin' bar and lounge until late in the evening. Great for multi-cultural people watching!

Many of the guest rooms look out on Barcelona's L'Eixample district, brimming with 18th and 19th century architecture. The hotel lies within the famous Quadrat d'Or (Golden Triangle), with what has been called the world's greatest living museum of turn-of-the-20th-century design.

Other guest rooms overlook the quiet courtyard, which serves as a garden for the hotel's restaurant, Moo. The glass boxes are actually skylights which naturally illuminate the restaurant below.

Moo has a Michelin star and the cuisine looks as contemporary as the space in which it is served. Just about every meal we had in Barcelona was unbelievable.

The Omm's rooftop terrace has a view of the top of Gaudi's biomorphic La Pedrera, built between 1906 and 1910. Gaudi made even the ventilation towers look interesting.

Another picture of the roof with Philippe Starck Bubble Club Chairs in the foreground and Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia in the background. I am pretty sure a crane or two was photo-shopped out of this picture, as the Cathedral has at least another sixteen years before the next phase will be complete--just in time for it's hundred year anniversary.

And finally, we have the view from the street and the visitor's first impression. The limestone facade looks like the pages of a book being opened. I think that is an appropriate metaphor when visiting any new city, but especially one as rich in design history and inspiration as Barcelona. Hopefully we will return one day--perhaps to see how La Sagrada Familia's construction is coming along.


Style Court said...

Millie -- You've got me in the mood to rent Vicky Christina Barcelona. Enjoy your stay and keep sharing pictures!

erin said...

ok wow... now that's beautiful. i'm now totally ashamed that i don't go around rome taking more pictures and posting them, real life just seems to get in the way. but it's no good excuse. so how is it being back home after such a fab trip? do you see your town in a whole new light, or are you counting the days to run off somewhere new? it's always interesting how one feels after seeing a new corner of the world!

prashant said...

Enjoy your stay and keep sharing pictures!
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Catherine said...

Great hotel. I keep promising myself I will make it to Barcelona. I think I need to make a plan having seen your post.

SEO Firm said...

I like your comment on how the limestone building looks like a book being opened. To me it looked a little like bark on a tree turned on its side... think I like your version better.

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