Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feng Shui & Tory Burch

"Organize your shoes on racks lower than three feet to prevent being the target of gossip" - A tip from Yung Siu, Feng Shui Master.

Who knew? This is just another helpful tidbit from the Style Guide on the Tory Burch Website. Apparently, she is giving Kate Spade's interactive site a run for its money.

From this photograph of her dressing room, I can't tell whether or not she is taking her own advice. Whatever the case, (and despite her growing ubiquity) she is obviously doing something right.

Happy closet organization this fall!


LindsB said...

Time to switch over my closet from Summer to Fall- ahh the joys of apartment living. I swear one day I'll have a closet large enough to sleep in, and leave my summer clothes out all year too :)

Rebecca June said...

I have a Tory Burch Reva problem myself. They are on a shelf in my closet under 3 feet. However, the rest of my shoes go up to the ceiling. I think that is the kind of gossip I am ok with being at the center of though!


Rebecca June

Brilliant Asylum said...

Oh, I am with you on the seasonal swap-out. I am also in no danger of displaying my shoes above the 3 foot mark. (This may be one of the only advantages to having laughably tiny closets.)

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Nice call on the TB site- Love that orange console and double pink benches!

Peter Reiss said...

Sorry, Rebecca June, but, in Feng Shui terms, shoes up to the ceiling show a restless energy, not secure and not settled, always looking and ready to run.

Think Carrie - if her marriage to Big is a true love and lasts (and if this was real life) most likely you'd see her collection drastically reduced. That's not to say, of course, that she'd move to Red Cross shoes with Dr. Scholl insoles. (Let's get real here!) But she'd be more selective in her spectacular choices.

Best and Bless,

Master Peter Reiss

Habitually Chic said...

What's funny is that the shoes in the first photo look like they are sitting on a table which in general is bad luck! I think I might have to move in order to follow feng shui since my love corner currently sits in my bathroom which is not so auspicious! LOL! No wonder I am single!

Stylish Bird said...

I am so jealous of Tory Burch's dressing room! I want one! A little nervous about the height of my shoe racks though.

Anonymous said...