Friday, May 15, 2009

Modern Atlanta

Ansley Park Glass House, Atlanta

I know I have been all about cupcakes and magnolias lately, but in order to preserve what is left of my edge, I am also participating in MA09, a week-long celebration of modern design in Atlanta.

Out of the numerous events, of particular interest to me is the Modern Atlanta House Tour, happening this Saturday and Sunday. The tour will feature 13 contemporary residences in our city, including the Ansley Glass House pictured above.

I was also able to attend a screening of Objectified, an enlightening documentary about the humanity behind industrial design. This is the second film in a design trilogy by director Gary Hustwit of font flick Helvetica fame, which is now available for download on itunes or in DVD format.

Hope you are looking forward to your weekend as much as I am.

UPDATE: I just received my June issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles and was thrilled to find a full spread of the Ansley Glass House and interiors--absolutely gorgeous.

10 comments: Maegan said...


Things That Inspire said...

I wish I could husband is out of town visiting his ailing grandmother and I am alone with the kids. Kids plus glass houses are not a good combination!

LindsB said...

I've never been a huge fan of real modern design-but I think you might just change my mind- this house is beautiful!

Have a good weekend!

Terry said...

My daughter #1 is taking to the Duck Pond Garden Tour. The MA tour looks breathtaking but I'm not sure we can fit it all into our weekend. It would be the only time they'd let me set foot in The Mansion for sure.

I sure whiffed on Objectified. It was down the street and I missed it.

Paul Pincus said...

the ansley park glass house is a lot of perfection.

thank you for the heads up re: objectified! ... loved helvetica!

christa said...

The Glass House was our favorite by far. I found some of the homes were a little too Ikea, which was disappointing. I was hoping to see more innovation in decor rather than just generic (and sometimes cheap-looking) modern furniture. However, we crammed it all in one day so didn't make it to every house on the tour.

Blue said...

I did the tour and the glass house was absolutely stunning! It is one of the most sophisticated residential spaces I have ever been in.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I had to be forcibly removed from the Ansley Glass house since I was ready to move in. Every single inch was absolutely brilliant.

Glad there was such a great turn out for both tours--in the pouring rain no less.

Anonymous said...

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