Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anita O'Day

I'm off to see this movie.

Update: So the movie was terrific and sad and inspiring for the jazz lover. Even better was Anita's 1958 performance of Sweet Georgia Brown at the Newport Jazz Festival (and the crowd in attendance). It can be viewed here.

Good News: The movie is now out on DVD.


jezebel said...

I've been waiting to see this movie. Her performance from Jazz on a Summer's Day slays me.

Linenqueen said...

My Mother, Janet Allen, used to hang out in the bars in Chicago were Anita started her singing career. That was pre World War II. Her real last name was Colson. Later Anita was lead vocalist with the Gene Krupa Band and when on tour they played Kansas City where we lived then. Anita would come to our house for dinner and catch up with my Mother on what was happening in her life. What was really happening was drugs. Many years later she sang at Claremont College in California. My Mother was dead but I went to say hello. Anita asked me to keep her pocketbook while she performed and I left some money in it for her. I always thought her life was so glamorous but oh so hard. Thank you for reminding me of those days. Ann